The extinction of the Iconian civilization?Edit

I am also new to this wiki, but I did notice a striking corollary between the destruction of Iconia and a TOS novel named "Windows on a Lost World" (Star Trek TOS novel by V.E. Mitchell).

It is written in canon that Iconia was destroyed almost two hundred thousand years ago. In the TOS novel "Windows of a Lost World" The civilization known as the Kh'lict had a strikingly similar technology called transport windows. These windows looked like a pane of glass similar to what is described as the gateways used by the Iconians. Although it was never mentioned that these windows transported into deep space, they were part of the Kh'lict planet wide transportation network which by the Enterprise crew and Dr.Abdul Ramesh Kaul of the University of Nexqualy on Perrin IX are also two hundred thousand years old.

Also as mentioned in Windows on a Lost World, the Kh'lict were an extremely xenophobic and dangerous race that conquered everything within their travels. this also occured two hundred thousand years ago.

Could the Iconians have encountered this brutal race? In Windows on a Lost World it does mention that there were an unusually large number of "orphan cultures" cultures that the only remains of them were a few scattered relics. Few and scattered relics of the Iconians were discovered including items found by the USS Yamato from the dig at Denius II. Also a functioning gateway was discovered on the Iconian homeworld by both USS Yamato and USS Enterprise.

Also there are many depictions of brutal sacrifices being conducted by the Kh'lict on cultures that are only known from a few isolated instances. The story line matches the timeline.

So my question is can the destruction of Iconia perhaps be blamed on the Kh'lict?

(all sources for this material are from Star Trek TOS Windows on a Lost World by V.E. Mitchell (c: Pocket Books 1990) The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

The destruction can be blamed on the Kh'lict, however, that information can't be added here as it would be purely speculation and non-canon in any event it's an interesting theory and you've made me interested in reading the story. :) Hopefully some other members have read the story and can comment. – Morder 08:52, 23 July 2008 (UTC)

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