Removed POV/emotionally-loaded words Edit

Hi. I removed the words "Thankfully" and "Tragically" from these two lines:

"Thankfully, Data and Spock were able to...."


"Tragically, a supernova destroyed Romulus...."

They are editorializing – the reader, IMO, should be free to determine his/her reaction to these events rather than being told how to view them. Some might think it unfortunate Data and Spock succeeded or that the destruction of Romulus was a terrific event. Consider Arturis, who thought it very bad Janeway helped the Borg stop Species 8472 from destroying all life in the galaxy. (VOY: "Hope and Fear")

Most might see that as a good thing, even though it ended up saving the Borg (along with everyone else), but Arturis did not.

Plus those were rather unencyclopedic-sounding and non-standard English (ie, "improper", if you want to be a Descriptivist). :)

Just my $0.02. Feel free to change it back of course! After all: I didn't do the heavy lifting and write the article. ^_^ Kudos to whoever did.

--Cepstrum (talk) 12:17, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Simply changing editorializing words like that does not require a large comment like this on the talk page. Just put a note in the edit summary about it. Also, please be sure that you are linking things to the correct places. "Janeway" is not a link to "Kathryn Janeway". -- sulfur 12:27, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Oh dear. It seems I can't ever do anything quite right! I misused the talk page, and made the boneheaded, rudimentary mistake of not pipelinking Janeway to Kathryn Janeway!

I guess I still don't quite have a handle on how to use talk pages correctly. I had thought that I was making some rather dramatic changes to the style and "feel" of the article and wanted to ensure I showed the changes I was making and why. They weren't simple typos or grammar bugs but altering the POV. That's why I wanted to have a record here stating what I did and why. In the future, I'll try not to do this and just leave a brief edit summary.

Is this right then: article talk are for pre-emptive discussions about making major changes to an article, not merely describing what you've already done? Cepstrum (talk) 16:03, November 5, 2010 (UTC)

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