I removed the following information:

Prior to entering into conflict with the other temporal powers, time travel had been used to "Perfect ourselves as a species" which could refer to anything from manipulation of events in history, through to genetic manipulations of their forbears.
From what was shown, the only technology that was brought back was comunicators, and possibly some components that would be vital for manufacturing other components. Given the presence of films showing weapons (such as a hand held energy weapon capable of destroying a tank in a single shot) that did not exist (supposedly according to Vosk, there was an energy source problem, however the Stuka bombers had no energy problems so this may have just been an exuse), it is possible that they possessed some facility for creating artifical imagery (either 29th century equivalent of rendering or perhaps some form of holo projector that they then recorded using contemporary technology.
However it should be noted that due to the war having happened in the temporal continuity Vosk and his followers arrived in World War 2 rather different from our own, where a Russia that was never built up by communist rule (as a result of Lenin's assasination prior to the Communist revolution). The result of this was that Nazi Germany was able to concentrate on the western powers and invade the United States. Presumably the UK fell prior to this, and Hitler's earlier ambitions of soley dominating Europe expanded to a global scale.

The first paragraph is information which fits better in the Na'kuhl article, while the rest of the information is primarily speculative and does not directly concern Vosk. The very last paragraph is basically a repeat of info already stated in the article. --From Andoria with Love 15:23, 3 May 2006 (UTC)

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