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Technical requirements Edit

Formatting required for this page to work with correctly with Portal:Main/Panels/Releases and Portal:Main/Panels/Premieres:

Headers Edit

The auto updating feature on the Merchandise portal requires each months header to have an anchor with this format: "MONTH_YEAR".

=={{anchor|2003}} 2003 ==
==={{anchor|November_2003}} November ===

Nothing else can be used on the same line as headers outside of the "=" signs, including anchors or magic words, as this will break the auto updating feature.

To be announced or Unknown

...sections should never have their own header, as they should instead be formatted as a single entry or list at the bottom of the appropriate month/year.

* ''[[That thing]]: with a description of that thing.


* '''To be announced''' -
** ''[[Other thing]]'', which collects issues 4-7 of the other thing series.
** "{{dis|Graphic novel|Comic}}", ''Graphic Novel: Comic'' #1, from Publishing Company.
** ''[[Self-Sealing Stem Bolt: A Users Guide]]'', from Rival Publishing Company.

TV and film tags Edit

The TV and film tags need to start on the line above the entry you want to include, and only wrap around the information that you want to be display in the TV and films portal.

<section begin=tv />
* <noinclude>'''To be announced''' - </noinclude><includeonly>{{m|May|2017}} - </includeonly>{{s|DIS}} is expected to be released on [[CBS All Access]].<section end=tv />

<section begin=film />
* <includeonly>{{y|2019}} - </includeonly>{{film|14}}, a fourth film set in the [[alternate reality]].<section end=film /> [] {{|2016/04/30/is-paramount-gearing-up-for-star-trek-4/}}

<includeonly> and <noinclude> should be used to include information relevant to the portal page and exclude information only relevant here, respectfully. - Archduk3 06:34, December 6, 2016 (UTC)