Question about "uninhabited"Edit

Does "uninhabited" mean only by intelligent lifeforms? On an episode of TOS, Alfa 177 did have lower lifeforms(I.E. the little dog they found), but no intelligent ones. Would that be "uninhabited"?

good question. however, i vote for those planets lacking intelligent live. a example would be New Earth, where janeway and chakotay planned to spend the rest of their lives in the delta quadrant. there was plant life and even primates but no intelligant live... if we do not include such planets in the list, we would have to create another list. too much lists, however, make it extremely difficult to keep them up to date and would confuse the readers of Memory alpha (they're already starting to confuse myself...;-) ). --BlueMars 12:09, Jun 14, 2004 (CEST)

The problem with this is that it doesn't include all time frames. The planet Khan and his conspirators were dumped on - Ceti Alpha V - was uninhabited, and then became uninhabited again, when they all left on a spaceship. But does it count as uninhabited for the purposes of this list? Obviously there was a period in which it was inhabited, and I think children were born there, so it wasn't just a case of the exact same folk colonising and leaving.

Certain planets on the list were once inhabited, and now no more. So what counts and what doesn't? --RayBell (talk) 15:18, April 11, 2016 (UTC)

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