Status of the Orion Edit

I believe it is speculation to say that the ship is fictitious. There is no evidence for that. I know that Gamma Canaris N is a real location as it is depicted on a map. What says that the Orion could not be as real as Gamma Canaris N? I attempted a compromise by making the ship an actual ship, and then stating its role in the cover story created by the agent Keiran MacDuff. Your position and mine are both speculative; I used what I know from the real world and history to come to a conclusion. Sometimes, I feel when you faced with a conundrum, rely on what you know from the real world, if that is possible, and ensure it doesn't contradict the canon. I may have erred in my handling of the ships; however, I learned how to stay true to the universe. Throwback (talk) 02:16, August 16, 2014 (UTC)

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