I removed:

  • "The Horatio may have been named after Horatio Nelson, or possibly the fictional seaman, Horatio Hornblower. However, ships in general, and more specifically Starfleet ships, are rarely named for a historical figure's first name. On the other hand, at least one ship of Britain's Royal Navy was named HMS Horatio (after Nelson), so perhaps this Starfleet vessel is named for one of the two men named above (or any other Horatio). It may even be that it was named in honor of the HMS Horatio, for whatever reason.

Too much speculation...."may have", "possibly", "so perhaps", "may even be", "for whatever reason", "might also", "similar to"... The Encyclopedia offers no suggestions, or conclusions, "so perhaps" we shouldn't either. --Alan 01:51, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

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