Name source?Edit

Where does the nomenclature "type-8" come from for this design? I am having difficulty tracking it down to any canon sources.

I know that Voyager started it's journey with at least three different shuttle types, this, the "Short-range craft" (aka Type 6 shuttlecraft) and the class 2 shuttle. "Resolutions" makes a references to the "type-9", and it has always been assumed to be the same as the "class 2", but it was not seen in that episode to make the visual/name reference connection.

Even referring to the mythical VOY Technical Manual/Writers Guide leaves me coming up short: it only refers to Voyager having 4 Type 6's, 2 shuttlepods and the AeroWing for vehicles of this nature.

Either the "type-9" is the same as "class 2", as many speculate, or this "type-8" is really the "type-9," and the term "type-8" is just a farce. Any one else have any useful input to add to this? Is this perhaps a name from the DS9 Technical Manual, or what? --Alan 05:30, 23 July 2007 (UTC)

I think we should rename this page as "Tereshkova type shuttlecraft" [1] following the "Chaffee type shuttlepod" precedence, as there is no canonical mention of what number type or class of shuttle this really is. Type-8 should be only mentioned in a background section as what the "Fact Files" call this design. --Pseudohuman 04:46, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

Are these links canon? Edit

I did some research and came about these pictures and references.

Im not sure about whether these are canon but the information seems to be from the episodes. Let me cross-verify these to the respective episodes and confirm. It would be great if more can chip in !

However according to this link the Type 8 and Type 9 are different shuttlecraft design.

- Balaji 26-Sep-2007