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Not enough mentionEdit

In the TOS season 1 episode "The Man Trap" when they are sitting around the conference table discussing options Spock mentions using "truth serum" to force Carter to help them find the creature. However there is no mention of this serum in the Memory Alpa article on "The Man Trap" nor is this instance referenced in the article on Sodium Pentathol. Is this Serum Sodium Penthahol, if not it shopuld have its own. If someone could add a Sodium Penthahol link to "The Man Trap" article and a reference to "The Man Trap" to the Sodium Penthahol article that would be appreceated as I am not technically proficiant enough to do it myself. -- Vega Orion 18:34, 25 January 2008 (UTC)

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