• Sisko moves up to the injured Muniz, who is leaning against the bulkhead and holding his own wound with his hand. The wound is severe enough that we can see blood seeping out from between his finger.
  • SISKO: Let me take a look at that.
  • MUNIZ: I'm all right, Captain. I've had worse transporter burns.
  • O'BRIEN: A transporter burn, eh? "I'll be all right, Captain." Always kissing up to the officers, aren't you Muniz?
  • MUNIZ: Just following your example. You're my hero.
The context was helpful. After reviewing the information here and under Enrique Muniz, it seems that he was saying that he had worse "scrapes" or "bug-bites" or whatever trivial injury you wish --all in a moment of false bravado. If I had Muniz' guts, I'd vote Delete, and not "reformat". --GNDN 05:53, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

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