Long non-canon noteEdit

I removed the following from the article, as this page is about the academic course, not about the technology itself. It also seems to be non-canon, so I'm not adding it to the appropriate page right now.

How does the transporter work?
The transporter uses software that uses OTPS -- Object Transfer Protocol Stream. It uses a "dematerializaton" beam to convert objects to pure energy, and then store that energy as a trilineary file stream in th pattern buffer.
Contents of every transporter system are: a submolecular converter, submolecular imaging scanners, transport inhibitors and enhancers and a primary and secondary pattern buffer. In some instances, the file stream within the pattern buffer can be deleted, thus destroying the object in the matter stream. When the pattern materialization process begins, the object in the matter stream appears as pure energy. Then the energy is converted in ordinary matter which is done by a transporter sweep of the matter stream. If this is not possible, the computer reads DNA-peptide bonds in the chromosomes and tries to recreate the body.
As it looks pretty RAW, you need a subspace array to send a matter stream. You use the subspace array for communication aswell, so it is pretty tricky if somebody would tamper with the array during beam-in/beam-out. The transporter uses a different subspace frequency than subspace communication, so there are 2 different channels open. There is a minor possibility of conflict, that is 1.52%.

-- Cid Highwind 12:17, 25 Nov 2005 (UTC)