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The article says that the cloud prevents ships from leaving. Why do people think that? If this were true, then how did the Xindi weapons (both weapon and prototype) get to Earth? Kidburla 00:37, 22 December 2007 (UTC)

From "Anomaly", the cited episode:
ORGOTH: "When we entered this Expanse we were no different than you. Two merchant ships looking for trade routes. Then the first distortion hit us. We decided to return home, but the perimeter, the thermobaric clouds, let you in but they don't let you out. One of our ships was destroyed trying. After a few more encounters with the anomalies it wasn't long before we became predators. This section of the Expanse proved to be ideal for hunting. When a ship runs aground due to spatial distortions it becomes an easy target. Our Captain told us we wouldn't harm anyone, and we didn't. Not at first. It takes time to learn to kill without remorse. You're not prepared to kill, or torture. Not yet."
Remember that the barrier is a product of the spheres, probably controlled by the sphere builders. If they wanted something to leave, they could let it out, and the Xindi weapons were a product of the Builders intentions. The bigger problem comes with the Kumari, which entered the Expanse after Enterprise did, and left before. Even that is possibly explainable, though. We know that the Vulcans later used the Kumari's mission into the expanse to justify a war against Andoria, a war that would probably have destroyed the possibility of the Federation being founded and a threat later on, had it not been for the intervention of Enterprise. Since the Sphere Builders had the ability to see different possible futures, they may have found it advantageous to their own goals to let the Kumari leave. --OuroborosCobra talk 06:07, 22 December 2007 (UTC)