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I have removed the following which was posted today by an anon:

History of the Romulan People
The simplest explanation of the Romulan people's origins is that they were traditionalist Vulcans born during their planet's violent, anarchic period, who reviled Surak's teachings and decided to leave Vulcan rather than accept their planet's eventual pacification and embrace of logic. The actual historical truth is more complex, and still subject to controversy.
The founding father of the Romulan people was S'task, a Vulcan poet and a one-time disciple of Surak. Surak's rise to prominence among Vulcans coincided with their first contact with an alien species - which, unfortunately, came in the form of Orion pirates. To some sociologists, it appears paradoxical that, for all the violence of their culture during this period, Vulcans were not especially xenophobic. Other scholars, however, argue that it is only natural: when Vulcans were always at war with each other, the average Vulcan had much better reason to be wary of his neighbor than of a stranger from afar.
Under the pretext of peaceful contact, the Orions lured many of Vulcan's most prominent political, military, and scientific leaders into a trap, killing many and kidnapping the survivors to hold for ransom. One of those captives was S'task, who, while he professed to be a man of peace, eventually broke out of his prison and led a revolt of his fellows that killed their captors. A bloody war with the Orion invaders followed, in which the Vulcans were eventually victorious.
S'task argued that the galaxy was an inherently hostile place, and the only way to meet it was from a position of strength; Surak argued just as fervently in favor of peace. Neither man could sway the other, and the "logical" conclusion to their argument would have been civil war, but S'task was unwilling to go that far. S'task knew that such a war would result in unacceptable loss of Vulcan lives; moreover, he was a moral man who had taken his former master's philosophy that the ends cannot justify the means deeply to heart. The logical alternative was for S'task and his followers to leave Vulcan and make a new beginning elsewhere.

It was also added in between the no wiki tags so it didn't show up on the page. However, I don't think it has anything to do with the article itself. --| TrekFan Open a channel 08:04, January 29, 2014 (UTC)

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