Here is a topic that needs to go on the issue block. There seems to be three spelling for possibily three different races, perhaps only two, or possibly altogether, just one. Nevertheless, the spellings are as follow:

1. Terellian (pronounced "teh-RELL-ee-un")
2. Terrelian (pronounced "TUR-rel-lee-an")
3. Terrellian (pronounced "tur-REL-ee-an" or "ter-ELL-ee-'n")
  • seems to indicate that the spelling of #1 and #2 can be used interchangably. However, in their main entry is spelled like #1, and information from script spellings of #2 and #3 were all included with #1 entry.
  • Picard specifically stated that #1 had four arms. ("Liaisons")
  • Ben Sisko acquired a wedding ring from Quark, for Kasidy, that was made with #1 diamonds. ("'Til Death Do Us Part")
  • Odo intended to investigate the #2 that were visiting DS9. ("Visionary")
  • A dish of a #2 pheasant (this spelling is not script confirmed) was served during a date between Paris and Torres. ("Warhead")
  • Chakotay once learned how to speak with a #2 seapod. ("Equinox, Part II")
  • Both #2 and #3 were mentioned during TNG Season 7, in conjunction with illnesses, indicating that they both can be found in the Alpha/Beta Quadrant.
Terrellian plague from "All Good Things..." and some VOY episode (I have yet to track down).
Terrelian Death syndrome from "Genesis".
  • A reference to #3 was also made in TNG: "All Good Things...", but the scene was cut, but i included this for the sake of being thorough.
  • Chakotay said he once sparred (boxed) a #3 while he was a cadet at the Academy.
  • Nog set up a game of domjot against three individuals of #3 on DS9.
  • While in the Delta Quadrant, a race called #3 participated in the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally.
    • Actually, "Antarian" in the Delta Quadrant opens up a whole new can of worms because "Antarian" was also mentioned in the Alpha/Beta Quadrant during TOS.

Thats not to say there isn't more references to be found in Voyager or Enterprise, but for the moment this is what I could find. Any comments on what the best approach with this might be? --Gvsualan 19:58, 27 Dec 2004 (CET)

UPDATED (I think I got the confusion strighten out!): --Gvsualan 12:03, 18 Mar 2005 (EST)