I removed,

Presumably, the goal of the process in this case was to produce a version of Captain Braxton who both knew of the crimes he had attempted to commit and who also had not succumbed to temporal psychosis and was therefore fit to stand trial.
By this form of temporal mechanics, it is unclear how extracting an individual from one point in time would affect the future existence of that individual in the same timeline.
The Enterprise crew beaming Captain Christopher "into himself" at the end of Tomorrow is Yesterday (episode) could be considered an early form of temporal integration.

as all of it is speculation (indeed, the last one was speculation by myself, from a while ago). -Angry Future Romulan 21:31, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

temporal mechanicsEdit

As far as temporal mechanics is concerned, it could function like wave-particle duality, the quantum eraser experiment, and the many worlds interpretation. In the quantum eraser experiment, both possible events occur; in effect, one result happens from two opposing causes. Applied to timelines and nouns within, all timelines and nouns exist, and all timelines and nouns are real but only one timeline results in the possibility of being observable by conventional means; properly manipulated (like the quantum eraser experiment), all timelines and nouns can be aligned (like MWI) to the observed result.

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