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T'Pring in DC Volume 2 Comics Edit

I am going to go in and edit the text about T'Pring's appearance in the DC Volume 2 comics, which currently reads:

"T'Pring appears in a storyline in Star Trek (DC volume 2) where she has grown overweight and Stonn is no longer attracted to her."

I ordered the DC Volume 2 comics in which T'Pring appears (Issues 66-68 from December '94 to February '95) and read it and believe the initial editor misunderstood the story. In the series, T'Pring has left Stonn and their daughter to live as a Matriarch at the Temple of Kolinahr. Stonn has a new wife, Sepora, whom he does not feel the same way about as he did about T'Pring. I'm assuming the initial editor thought the somewhat larger Sepora was T'Pring.

Wanted to note this here and preserve the original text for future editors.

--Trekkiefeminist (talk) 02:59, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

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