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I watched very few of the enterprise series; not that i do not like it but just never got around to it. But anyways, the few episodes that I did see I noticed t'pol acted pretty much like most vulcans. However, in this episode she seems too emotional for a vulcan. I think back to the first mirror episode and how spock was just as emotionless and monotone as regular spock yet as I was watching the enterprise episode and she was talking to the other vulcan with the goatee she moves around him erratically and speaks with great emotion. At times i feel like without the ears she would be pretty much a human. Its just an incosistency that bothers me, as spock who is a half-vulcan acts vulcan and as new star trek material is made i see the traditional vulcan demeanor being broken away from further and further. Does anyone know why she acts so emotional, and if so should it be mentioned in the article? Other than that, fantastic episode. - The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

It's one of her failings in many episodes. They were going to, in the fifth season, explain that she had a Romulan father, making her more open, and more prone to, emotion. - The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).