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Personal information Edit

There barely any personal information about actor Steve (Steven) Dennis. When's his birthday, etc? Any help would be appreciated. -- Ambassador Weyoun 05:20, 12 July 2006 (UTC)

I've added some more details, but the information present is pretty much the only details I can find (aside from the fact that his other film credits are In Convenience (2005) and The Longest Shadow (apparently still in production); you can add these details if you wish). I wish I could provide more info for you. -- From Andoria with Love 05:46, 12 July 2006 (UTC)
Here's some that you can add if you wish: Birthday: December 21. Born: Camden, NJ Also directs and is Artistic Associate with Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. Godspeed - The preceding unsigned comment was added by Zen Lion (talk • contribs).

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