just curious, when was Jack Crusher mentioned as being operations division? i don't recall if they ever mentioned his position, but his uniform had a white division patch in TNG: "Family", meaning a command division officer.

If he were operations division, the movie-style uniform would have a heather-gray or gold-ochre division patch, or he wouldve been referred to as an engineer, tactical officer or security personnel.

(by the way, he was ops division in a comic, where, by the time he had a TNG era uniform, he wore ops gold -- but that comic wasn't canon. -- Captain Mike K. Barteltalk

You're right, he was never mentioned as ops division. For some reason, I thought that he was the Stargazer's security chief, and figured his uniform was just another movie-era uniform mistake. Apparently, after reading his page, and doing a little internet surfing, I can't find any canon reference to him being in security. Other than of course being killed in an away mission. I'll remove his name, and place him in the command division as that is what he appeared to be (flight controller? Navigator? First Officer?).--Tim Thomason 09:30, 25 Sep 2005 (UTC)


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