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Late in the game to explain some things about this article, but the definition of a command division officer includes:

  • Any officer who wore yellow (or in a couple of TOS cases, green) uniform departmental insignia in TOS or ENT.
  • Any officer who wore white uniform departmental insignia in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture or Star Trek films uniform schemes.
  • Any officer in the TMP or Movies uniform scheme who was identified as a helmsman, and wore yellow departmental insignia (other departments wore yellow too, but those officers were not command division -- only the helmsmen)
  • Any officer in the TNG or beyond uniform styles wearing red uniform departmental insignia
  • Any officer referred to as a captain (i.e. specifically commanding officer of a ship), executive officer or an admiral, whether their uniform was seen or not.
  • one exception is an alternate timeline where command personnel apparently wore blue -- (Captain Braxton) -- but he was also seen in another versino wearing red so who knows what tomorrow will hold... -- Captain Mike K. Barteltalk

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