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If there is a starbase for every integer in the interval from 1 to 718 (the highest number ever seen in Star Trek) in the 2360s – that is, if there are 718 starbases by the 2360s – then it would make more sense that there would be at least 200 starbases in the Federation in the 2260s rather than just 30 or so.
It may be that starbase unit nomenclature is similar to that of today's military units; there are currently only a handful of active US Army divisions, and even though we hear of the "101st Airborne" and "82nd Airborne", there are not 101 active airborne divisions in the US Army. Starbase designators may likewise be retired, reactivated, redesignated, etc. It is also possible that any planet with a Starfleet presence has a Starbase designation as well, and stations with other names, e.g., Lya Station Alpha, and Starbase Deep Space 9, might have starbase numerical designators.

Speculation, and unnecessary justification/rationalization. --Alan 22:36, 26 March 2008 (UTC)

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