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Unlike what was previously stated for publisher, my version states O'Quinn Studios.

For what it's worth, here are the rest of the credits:

  • Publishers: Norman Jacobs, Kerry O'Quinn
  • Associated Publisher: Rita Eisenstein
  • Assistant Publisher: Milburn Smith
  • V.P./Circulation Director: Art Schulkin
  • Creative Director/Designer: W.R. Mohalley
  • Production Director: Robert M. Sacks
  • Editors: David McDonnell, Carr D'Angelo
  • Photo Editor: Eddie Berganza
  • Associated Art Director: Maggie Hollands
  • Contributing Writers: Daniel Dickholtz, Lee Goldberg, Robert Greenberger, Edward Gross, Anthony Timpone
  • Contributing Interviewers: John Adcox, John W. Davis, Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Dan Madsen, Ian Spelling, Marian Sue Uram
  • Editorial Staff: Richard Gilbert, J. Peter Orr, R.S. Sean O'Halloran, Cheryl Warren
  • Art Staff: Lewis Robinson, Jim McLernon, Jef Sadinsky
  • Still Photographers: Bruce Birmelin, Bruce Herman
  • Special Thanks to: LN, HB, GR, WS, DK, JD, GT, WK, NN, MJ, RC, ML, JW, GLW, JS, Sid Ganis, Eddie Rayfiel, and especially Susan Zilber, Amy Rayfiel, Raoul Gatchalian, Cathy Mortenson and Tom Phillips.

I linked the ones that are referenced elsewhere on MA. --Alan 01:21, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

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