There is a mistake!!! Edit

Hi guys, in this page about Star Trek: Intelligence Gathering there is a BIG mistake. I am Elena Casagrande and I never colored any issue of this comicbook series, never. The only and official colorist is ILARIA TRAVERSI, and stop, for all the issues. So, I deleted my name from the list. Please don't write my name again, it's a mistake. Thanks, bye Elena


The credits for issue #2

I'll change it then, since my copy sitting right in front of me has your name credited as the color artist for the 2nd issue of the series. Odd as that is. Since you were credited, make sure that you get paid for the work. ;) -- Sulfur 21:42, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

Thanks Sulfur, I don't know how this is happened, I'll hope that for the next credits there isn't any problems; this kind of mistake is unfair especially for the people who work on the issue really. I don't know who is the liable. Bye :)

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