Official name?Edit

Although it's unusual to start the talk page for an article that doesn't exist yet, I wonder what the official name would be for this game. Specifically, if it is Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates, Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates, or both.

A Google search returns more references with the colon over the hyphen, most notably Wikipedia, IMDb, and many game review sites. On the other side, the Star Trek Games Wiki and Amazon (although the official strategy guilde is with a colon) has it the other way.

Adding to the confusion is the official site(X) (it's down now, but has a capture), which has both names listed on the splash page (colon for the link to subpages, and hyphen for the legal mumbo-jumbo). I did locate one page at Interplay that only uses the hyphen versio.

From these findings, I suggest both are allowed, but use the hyphen version on MA, and have the colon version redirect to the hyphen version. - Intricated talk page 20:03, 10 September 2006 (UTC)

The official name according to the developers might be Orion Pirates only, just as the other games to be only StarFleet Command and StarFleet Command II. But let me explain the title: The first colon between Star Trek and Starfleet Command is used because "Star Trek" is usually followed by a colon. Then it is further used to specify the "subtitle", but because one colon was used we need a dash. So another possible name would be "Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates", without the introducing "Star Trek: " ... Kobi 21:33, 10 September 2006 (UTC)
I'm looking at the CD Case right now and it says "STAR TREK: Starfleet Command® ORION PIRATES" on the 'spine' although that copy is from Interplay instead of Activision like the other Star Trek games I have.- Avron 23:01, 10 September 2006 (UTC)
I was just trying to stick to Memory Alpha's naming conventions -- where the second subtitle is separated with a hyphen. since the product itself says "STAR TREK: Starfleet Command® ORION PIRATES" --it seems that there is no second colon, and we should try to use a style that is correct to the site, and not create one there. since we have a precedent using this hyphen with other games here on MA, this seems preferable. -- Captain M.K.B. 23:07, 10 September 2006 (UTC)