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Have I gone insane or can anyone else remember a Star Trek computer game whihc must have been released between 1996ish (when I got the Internet) and 2002 ish (when I went to University) which played something like this;

You have a load of characters/ships/acessories which resembled (IIRC) figurines / the trophies in Super Smash Brothers or various Star Trek characters and ships (e.g. Borg Cube, Borg Sphere, Enterprise D, Picard, Riker) from which you picked a selection to take into the game.

The game field was split into three with a kinda home area at the top and bottom for yours or your opponents pieces, and a centre section with one or more planets. Each move you could either bring a new element into play from a holding section or move a character about within the field.

The idea was to control as many planets as possible I think, with each character/figurine having a defence value and a number of control points. It wasn't the most action packed game ever, but seemed to have a lot of interesting strategy associated with what you brought into play and when, and was quite addictive IIRC.

I think I either had a demo/beta version and the company which made the game intended to make money from selling packs of these figures in a manner akin to a collectible card game like Magic or something.

Or have I just gone mad and misremembered a part of my youth (although it seems far too detailed for me to have thought this up) - I can't seem to see it listed within the list of Star Trek computer games.

Many Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. --Neil Tarrant 11:36, 16 March 2007 (UTC))

Hi, Neil (who asked the question) here - I've asked this on the wikipedia reference desk and my livejournal as well, and apparently it was Star Trek: ConQuest Online (about which neither Memory Alpha nor Wikipedia has an article(!). --Neil.

I've linked to this thread on Talk:Games so that any Games subject experts can research it further. -- Spazquest 05:08, 2 December 2007 (UTC)
Aye STCO was a great game! was a sad day when they pulled the plug me(TreX) Josh and a few others stayed till the last disconnect thing that really pissed me of ... spent like $500 buying the pieces OUCH!!!!!!
Written by TreX 23/9/08

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