Greetings Trekies, My name is Sid Liufau, I played Lt. Manuele Atoa on episode 'invited guest'. As an actor and 20-year professional Samoan fire-dancer, the writer did his home work and added a real Polynesian cultural dance seen at Hawaiian luaus and made it work for this futuristic show.

The most asked question about my role, Where does the fire dance come from?

First; Its funny when I saw the original Star Trek with William Shatner and saw the Klingons I laughed and thought Polynesians. (he-he) joking, Klingons are better looking once the make-up comes off right Micheal Dorn!

Samoans are known throughout the pacific as fighting warriors, fighting against near by islands using their strong bodies and woodclub weapons. My opinion Polynesian in general 3 out 15 are very exceptionally strong people, not bragging but my max flat beach 500lbs and incline beach 425lbs, curled 245lbs and squats 720lbs while I was playing football for Fullerton JC in 85-86 oh by the way we were National Champions-85 and Pony bowl Champions-86. and as of 2007 I can still beach 500lbs.

The english & europeans tradeships in the 1800s brought metal material on their voyage, which Soon became the weapon of choice called 'pelu' (PAY LU). The London Society missionaries came to Samoa and establish christianity and the brutal battels came to a slow end as the new christ faith taught to love and forgive.

The weapons stayed present just incase the need to not turn the other cheek, but soon the people learned to live in peace. so the 'pelu' started being used to prove a young boys journey into the right of a respected warrior manhood by showing off his skills through twirling the sharp blade as fast as one could without cutting anything off, viewed as courages and skilled!

A Samoan chief name 'Letuli' born and raised in Samoa moved to america in the mid 1900 hundreds, los angeles and got to show case his Samoan blade twirling on a film called 'South Pacific'. During a talent audition, Chief Letuli saw a young girl twirling her baton with a small flames added. Chief started a new competitive sport still seen today, big fires, sharpe blades and a warriors displaying impossible twirling movements known today as the Nifo Oti(Knee Fah oo Tee) "Jaws of Death'.

Just lucky for me the writer & audition was taylor made...

Well, allow me to welcome you to Memory Alpha; it's great to have you here. That's great information regarding the fire dance; I've actually wondered where that originated. Now I know; thanks!! :) I'm wondering if it would be possible to create an article on the fire dance and add some of that as background information; not sure how we'd do that just yet, though. Anyways, all that said, may I suggest you create an account with us? It would be a pleasure to have you. In any case, welcome again and enjoy. :) --From Andoria with Love 17:33, 1 March 2007 (UTC)

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