Was just name of actress, updated enough to keep as article, but still requires role in episode. --Gvsualan 03:03, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)

What really needs to be said regarding Roberta? Since no further mention of her was made, and the Pilot ended there, we can only assume that she continued to serve. This is only conjecture, though. --Seleya

Robert Lincolns ageEdit

Okay... I know this is going to be a losing fight... so don't think I'm all gung ho about it... but as I'm watching Assignment Earth, I was somewhat browsing the relevant MA pages, of course finding myself here. I find myself at odds with the year of birth listed for Roberta Lincoln. Teri Garr was of course born 11 December 1947. The only age listed for Roberta was "20", and since the episode was previously stated as being 1968, I can absolutely understand the gut reaction to list Roberta being born in 1948 (simple simple math). Although thats absolutely not necessarily true, and perhaps more of an assumption then one would immediately realize. *IF* Roberta had the same birthdate/year as Teri Garr, she still would have been 20 in 1968, although born in 1947. I know that sometimes actors birth days (of course not always years) are given for characters birth days... but perusing around quickly, this doesn't appear to be policy (although I'm not sure Kirks birthdate was ever given by a canon source), but in this case... it brings up a reasonable question. I would suggest that either the assumption that we know the date be removed entirely (and instead mentioned that she was 20 years old in 1968), or changed to 1947 to line up with Garr. Hossrex 18:20, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

I refuse to have anything to do with pages related to "Assignment: Earth" after today's earlier disaster. :-)
Seriously, I'd suggest just removing the year. You're absolutely right that she could have been born in '47 and be 20 in '68, depending on when her birthday falls within the year, but I imagine it would cause more confusion than it's worth to change it to 1947 and result in constant edits back and forth between the two years. Better to just avoid it all together by removing it. And technically, as you pointed out, we really don't know the correct year anyhow. -- Bridge 18:32, 28 November 2007 (UTC)