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Even assuming all this is acurate, would we need it? -- Redge 17:02, 24 Jul 2004 (CEST)

Yes, I think it's useful. After all, it's about Risan LANGUAGE. Ottens 13:27, 25 Jul 2004 (CEST)
Ok, in that case: is it accurate? (Is it canon?) -- Redge 14:32, 25 Jul 2004 (CEST)

Phonology Edit

A - as in American car
B - as in boat
CH - as in church
D - as in done
E - as in send
F - as in japanese, sounds like puffing a candle (bilabial fricative)
G - as in goat
H - as in hop
I - as ee in see
J - as the latter g in garage, french J
K - as c in coat
L - as in later
M - as in mot
N - as in nun
O - as in top
OH - as o in rope
P - as in priest
R - sometimes tapped as in Spanish, but usually as in British English
S - as in son
T - as in tap
U - as in dune
W - as in water

Established words Edit

(From "Two Days and Two Nights")

asta - this is

baraki - not to be, be not

Di'an - (proper name, anglicized Dee'ahn)

dohna - forty

duta - to don't give up

furanda - beautiful

horgan - (icon of the Risan people, anglicized Horgh'ahn)

ikara - hello

iku - I try

ish - are

iti - I

ito - mine

jamaharon - (sexual practice)

jua - here

kompansira - to come with

latia - (proper name)

loh - of

lunat - night

lunat - moon

mari - language

moran - that

muru'it - possible

na - no, not, don't

och - about

omara - to be sad

oparat - work

premari - teacher

Raisa - Risa

Raisa mari - Risan

sar - still

sara - thanks, also to accept

soh - are

sosa - until

Suraya - (name of a bay)

tana - person

tatik - always

tohfan - where one comes from

tohlara - today

tolari - very good

tu - you

tulara - tomorrow

won - to say

The name of this page is misspelled, Risan language. In the body of the page someone even spells it "Risian", the proper spelling. Maybe someone can correct this? 00:01, June 6, 2014 (UTC)

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