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Caylem's sanity Edit

The lead paragraph currently reads "Janeway accepts the help of an insane resistance fighter", the fighter referring to Caylem. I really don't think that "insane" is the right word to describe him. "Insane" is better suited to the act that Caylem put in in the market ("where is my hat?") as a diversion, but it is clearly established that that was an act. However, he also isn't "of sound mind" as it also seems clear that he believes that Janeway is his lost daughter. The Caylem article uses the word "delusional", and while I still don't think that that's 100% fitting for the lead paragraph, it gives a better impression than "insane", so for now that's what I will change it to. -- The Time Traveller 22:46, 31 January 2008 (UTC)