"Ramart may have only been 'Captain' by position and not by rank, since he only wore the rank stripes of a Commander (and his ship had a crew of only around 20). On the other hand, the crew of the Antares may have simply worn the outdated Starfleet uniforms (on which two stripes seemed to represent Captain), though it would seem unlikely."

Rightly so being removed from the page as speculation (and my bad for posting it), but it is still a fair point for discussion - was Ramart a full Captain? Yes, he wore the uniform from "Where No Man Has Gone Before", where two stripes denotes Captain, but how likely is it that Starfleet would allow two completely different rank insignia to be used at the same time? Perhaps a uniform change-over period? Or was he actually a Commander? Either is possible. --Mada101 13:48, 5 February 2007 (UTC)