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This seems to have a lot of speculation/stretching of canon.

Specifically the references to the Qomar being 'physically unable' to sing. Do we know they are completely unable to, or are we assuming that based on them not being seen singing?

Also the line 'Their ships are so powerful they simply disregard the inferior races they come across; this is why the less advanced starship Voyager's scanning beam was able to damage one of their vessels.' While we know the scanning beam damaged their vessel, do we know it's because they 'disregard the inferior races'?

Lastly I wouldn't say they found The Doctor hard to work with because of their more advanced holograms, rather that they assumed he was inferior and treated him as such. They did set to work trying to deactivate his vocal processors, after all. --AnonyQ 12:26, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

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