I don't remember anything about Prixin being five days long in the "Mortal Coil". If I remember right, it was stated that the celebration held in that episode was the "first night of the festival of Prixin" only. Prixin's obviously more than one day long, but I believe anything else is speculation.

Thill on the menuEdit

I also don't think anything about thills being a traditional menu item at Prixin was mentioned, roasted or not. The only food mentioned, I believe, was "fruit compote and moolt nectar", which Neelix had been aging for weeks in preparation. Randee15 00:15, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Actually, I got some information from The Star Trek Cookbook, written by Ethan Phillips and William J. Birnes; It has a little more about Prixin than what was included in the series. - Rob, May 18, 2005

Unfortunately, The Star Trek Cookbook is considered non-canon on Memory Alpha, and as such entries based on it aren't allowed to be added. Check out the canon policy and the FAQ about canon on Memory Alpha for more. Randee15 18:46, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

I suppose some limits have to be set, but don't be surprised if I write you off of my Prixin guest list and eat my thill all by myself! ;-) - Rob

Removed textEdit

I just removed the following text:

Prixin starts on June 20th and ends on June 24th. In the begining of (VOY: "Mortal Coil") he tells 7 of 9 that the first day of Prixin was on a thursday. Nelex died on thursday June 13th and the 20th was the next follwing thursday, as he had stated to janeway after his resurection, that prixin was still 3 days away.

First off, it needs a rewrite... second... Is an actual date mentioned in the episode... as in... is "Thursday June 13th" mentioned? I don't recall any dates or months being mentioned. -- Sulfur 17:31, 25 September 2007 (UTC)