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Category Edit

I have been unable to find a proper category for this particular page. Anyone have any thoughts? — Morder (talk) 20:40, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Maybe Chemistry?--31dot 21:11, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, but what about normal waste such as food or just plain trash? Those are Materials. — Morder (talk) 21:14, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Now that you said that, that feels like a better choice to me. --31dot 21:33, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Heh, except I didn't choose that because of stuff like antimatter waste as it's more of a chemical...radiation can also be a form of pollution. :) — Morder (talk) 21:40, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Maybe you could do Materials and Radiation, given that it can be both. There might also be grounds for the Economics category, as the Malon made it an industry.--31dot 23:49, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

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