Synonymous to spatial charge?Edit

Is a plasma charge and a spatial charge the same thing? The prop is the same in Voyager, and in ENT: "First Flight" shuttlepod plasma cannons fire modified spatial charges that look similar to basic plasma cannon fire... so if they are synonymous with plasma charge it would make sense that they are plasma cannon ammunition..... although it might as well be that plasma charge is one type of spatial charge.... propably just too much speculation going on in my head about this. --Pseudohuman 14:14, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

Plasma is a particular state of matter. At high temperatures, the electrons that are normally stuck orbiting an atomic nucleus, become free to move around in the bulk material. This is why plasmas conduct electricity, and a common way of keeping plasmas at the required temperature is to send large quantities of electricity through them.
As far as the charges go... it's Star Trek. After Voyager, the technobabble reactors were set to Warp 11. You've probably given more thought to it than the writers ever did. It's just glowy stuff that comes out of a space gun. Some writers of Star Trek, and the associated technical manuals, go to lengths to make sure things are as consistent as they can. By Voyager, all those writers had committed seppuku, as a matter of honour. So you'll probably never know. 22:27, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

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