Phil Wallace personnel file

Phil Wallace's personnel file.

The text from Wallace's personnel file reads like this:

Unreadable biographical text goes here. It would be telling us
vital information about the handsome fellow pictured to the
right, but let's face it: Writing all that up for every single
person would take more time then I care to spend. In the end,
it will be so small, no one will be able to read it.
Instead, I will write sentences of sufficiently different
lengths so that it looks like regular English usage.
See how nice and short that last sence was? This will be a
longer paragraph made up of several sentences, as if listing
the many amazing accomplishments of the too-soon-departed
Ensign Wallace: After all, Riker remembers him so fondly, he
must have been a pretty terrific guy. I mean, sure, there were
those rumors but Starfleet Investigative Services cleared
him of any wrong doing.
I wonder if this will be readable in Hi-Def?
And this sentence will take us off the end of the page in such
a way that it ends in the middle of a very important thought.

The same text, just arranged differently, was used for the personnel files of Ronald Moore, Eric Motz, Andy Simonson and Dawn Velazquez. --Jörg 12:25, 29 September 2006 (UTC)