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Peter Mark Richman has a page here, but it does not contain his appearance as Spock's Henchman from the Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror". I'm pretty sure Richman was the guy that saved Kirk's life during Chekov's assassination attempt.

Richman's IMDB page has him listed as I mentioned above. Here's the link to his IMDB page so you can confirm this:

Could someone please correct his page here to include this appearance for him after confirming the above info? Thank you for your time. 12:29, July 21, 2012 (UTC)

That IMDB information is seriously wrong and false. Richman did not appear in "Mirror, Mirror". The character you're refering to was played by Garth Pillsbury. IMDB actually lists Richman as playing "Spock's henchman", who was in fact played by Russ Peek. -- Ltarex, 14:35 July 21, 2012 (CET)