Does anyone know what happened to Peter Kirk after "Operation--Annihilate!"? Does he show up, for example, in any novels? Thanks.

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I removed the following note. Fan films are not apocrypha – please see our resource policy.

Peter also appeared in the fan-made series Star Trek: Phase II, in the episode "Fire and Blood", which was based on a rejected concept for a TNG episode, in which he is depicted as a newly-comissioned ensign assigned to the Enterprise and a homosexual. A scene between him and his partner includes an in-joke, as , when his partner approaches him from behind and kisses him, his partner asks Peter "Guess who?", to which Peter replies jokingly "Mr Sulu". This is a possible joke over the fact that George Takei, the actor who plays Sulu is a homosexual.

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References to the name Peter Kirk outside Star TrekEdit

I'm not sure if this tidbit belongs in the background section or not, but whether by coincidence or design the character played by Bill Pullman in The Grudge was named Peter Kirk.

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