Immortality? Edit

On the talk page for "This Side of Paradise", there's a discussion about the spores and whether they are an instant cure for any disease. Shran said, "The Enterprise discovers a spore on this planet that gives you perfect health, apparently regardless of your present condition, and that can be removed simply by inciting anger in the host. Does anyone see the loophole here? The federation should have built a hospital station to orbit this planet as the medical benefits are impossible to deny. Don't get me wrong, I love this episode to death, but it really bothers me that a perfect cure with easily removeable side effects was so easily trivialized." then Spider says, "The health benefits evidently remain after the spores have been eliminated by strong emotions. Witness McCoy's final scene on the bridge: "They're all in absolutely perfect, perfect health. A fringe benefit left over by the spores." I agree with Shran that we need the things that are stripped away by the spores, but we can have those things back after the spores do their repair work."

Nowhere in canon does it state that the spores were destroyed, so it must be assumed that anyone can just go down to the planet, regain full health, get angry (or display some extreme emotion), and then be on their merry way, all cured. Right??? This is similar to the transporter glitch in "The Deadly Years".--Brumagnus 02:58, November 22, 2010 (UTC)