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With a little research, I found that the companion star in this variable star is 70 AU from it's star, even Pluto is only 39.5 AU from our star. It might explain the difference between the TOS and TNG reference to Mira. --TOSrules 12:18, Dec 3, 2004 (CET)

Well, its a possibility. Since they stated that Dytallix B is in the Mira Antliae system, but orbits Mira Antliae, this raises the point that Mira Antliae might be a new name for Mira's companion star. -- Captain Mike K. Bartel 13:08, 3 Dec 2004 (CET)
Especially since modern astronomy has confirmed Mira has a companion star (in the Mira system) called VZ Ceti, but we are unsure of its type, it could be dually named as Mira Antliae. This is how Dytallix B could orbit Mira Antliae (from the viewer), but still be in the Mira system, orbiting the red giant Mira (all from dialogue)-- Captain Mike K. Bartel 13:37, 3 Dec 2004 (CET)

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It also very likely that Mira and Omicron Ceti are two different stars in the Star Trek universe as Mira in the real world is a variable star that has extreme changes in brightness thus making any planet in orbit around it extremely unlikely to be a site of a agricultural colony.

Removed from the article as speculation. - Archduk3 05:37, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

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This article needs to be renamed to Omicron Ceti and Mira needs to become a redirect to Mira Antlia. Mira was used as an alternative name of Mira Antlia in "Conspiracy" and Mira is only an alternate name of Omicron Ceti in the real world. --Pseudohuman (talk) 13:04, September 8, 2013 (UTC)