My memories of Nicholas Worth are fond and warm. As a young lady, my Mom and I frequented the Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Toluca Lake/Burbank. Typically we would go in the early afternoon when I would get out of school to enjoy fries and a chocolate shake - and - of course an occasional Big Boy hamburger! Most every time we went, there would be Nicholas Worth, sitting at the counter, greeting other patrons with warm smiles and conversation. We came to look for him every time we went to Bob's. He touched my heart and my soul. I'm now 47 - so many years later - and I am compelled to look him up again. Over the past several months in particular, he has come to my mind many times. Sadly, I find he has recently passed on (5/7/07). My hopes and prayers are that he had a loving, rewarding, fun and fulfilling life without one single regret. I hope his passing was without discomfort and I must believe that he was met with angels as they rejoiced of his homecoming. He will forever be in my heart and memory. Nicholas touched my life with a warm smile and gracious personality - a living angel...that's how I'll remember him. God bless, Nicholas. I'll see your warm smile again, I'm sure. Love, Lenora

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