Source of nameEdit

"Ni Var" was the name of a short story by Claire Gabriel in the 1976 anthology Star Trek: The New Voyages. In the story, it is "a Vulcan term referring to the duality of things: two who are one, two diversities that are a unity, two halves that come together to make a whole" (from Leonard Nimoy's introduction to the short story). It is possible that the ship was named after this story. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jean Prouvaire (talk • contribs).

Hey, that is excellent Jean! I knew that there was something familiar with the name... the text qualifies as background information in my eyes. -- Kobi - (Talk) 03:23, 29 Mar 2005 (EST)
Too bad Dorothy Jones has never been credited with the origination of this term. I'm gonna do everything I can to see that that's rectified. It's possible that even Claire Gabriel didn't know who had come up with ni var, because it was used so heavily in the fanworld at that time. --Bluejay Young 19:37, 28 May 2005 (UTC)

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