There was never any evidence that the entire Unicomplex was destroyed. But the Transwarp Hub was destroyed for sure.

The term "Neurolytic pathogen" would simply mean an invasive organism (or virus), which destorys neural tissue. The refferences to cybernetics and other stuff in this article is actually overhead, based on the eppisodes.

Removed Edit

Removed the following speculation:

It is unknown, at this time, whether the destruction went further than Unimatrix 01. The Queen apparently issued a self-destruct order to stop the spread of the pathogen. Hence, the effects may have been limited successfully to that single facility. On the other hand, as the Queen was losing the ability to control the Collective at that time, the pathogen may have infected most or perhaps all of the Collective, ending the Borg threat permanently.--31dot 22:56, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

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