Chronological noteEdit

In "Demons", Samuels said he was 18 when he joined Terra Prime (though he later left the group). While the character's age in 2155 is unknown, if we assume he's the same age as the actor (Harry Groener, born 10 September 1951 according to the Internet Movie Database), he might have joined in 2102. -- Sasoriza


Some fans have speculated that Samuels was the chief executive or Prime Minister of the United Earth government. He is not legally empowered to give orders while aboard the NX-01; Hoshi Sato, at one point, noted that Samuels was not a part of the chain of command and could not issue orders to her nor to anyone else on the ship. If Samuels was the commander-in-chief of the United Earth Starfleet, he would be legally empowered to give such orders, but some parliamentary governments do not give such powers to the prime minister, instead reserving them for an apolitical president (or monarch) who issues such orders to the military on the advise of the Cabinet and PM. It is also possible that regulations have changed in the intervening years such that, in this time period, no civilian - not even the Prime Minister - is allowed to give orders aboard a military vessel, though the United Earth Starfleet is specifically established to be non-military in "The Expanse."
Also, the head of government in a parliamentary system is more regularly addressed with the full title of "Prime Minister," not simply "Minister," suggesting that Minister Samuels holds a Cabinet posting but not the Prime Minister posting. In the novel The Good That Men Do by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin, however, Samuels is specifically named as the Prime Minister.

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It should be noted though, that he did try to give orders, and that Sato said he couldn't do so through legal means. At least, in the current situation Enterprise was in. --Terran Officer 01:27, 4 September 2008 (UTC)