Are the captions correct? Edit

The only androids that were identified by name in the episode were Norman, the Alice series and the Barbara series. We can identify the Herman androids thanks to Tom Legarde autograph cards that you can look up on eBay. We also know that the Maisie series were played by Tamara and Starr Wilson, so we can infer by process of elimination that the two ladies in green are Maisies.

That leaves Annabelle, Trudy, Oscar and "Unidentified series". Since we don't know which lady is Annabelle and which lady is Trudy, I think the captions should be changed to "unidentified android" and the pictures should be removed from the Annabelle series and Trudy series pages. The same goes for the Oscar and "Unidentified series" which look the same to me.

If anyone has a copy of the I, Mudd script, it might shed some light on this. NetSpiker (talk) 06:20, February 3, 2016 (UTC)

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