In the "list of starfleet admirals" an admiral Mitchell links to here (crewman Mitchell) wich also ha a link at the bottom to an lieutenant mitchell, i think a disambiguation page is due, don't know how to make one myself though, what say you administators ---Valaraukar

Watch and learn.. --Captain Mike K. Bartel 15:07, 10 Aug 2004 (CEST)
Basically, it just requires moving the page to it's new location (Mitchell (Crewman).. this is the preferred format for placing someone's rank to differentiating them).. then, the original page Mitchell is made into a list of links, with {{disambiguation page}} at the bottom (this places the disambiguation reminder).. then the article needs to be linked to from Category:Memory Alpha disambiguations and then find What Links To Mitchell and move the links to the guy its supposed to goto.. --Captain Mike K. Bartel

Tom MorelloEdit

"Mitchell was played by Tom Morello of the bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave." I can't believe you took that out, if anything deserves to be background info! It's the Tom Morello! Also, how is this a stub? What else can possibly be said, he had about 2 seconds of air time. Tyrant 23:46, 18 Jan 2005 (CET)Tyrant

He has his own page, which has that info in it... -- Michael Warren | Talk 23:53, Jan 18, 2005 (CET)

Yeah, I noticed... but... it's Tom Morello! haha. I don't know know what else to say Tyrant 23:58, 18 Jan 2005 (CET)Tyrant


Shouldn't this be a stub? It mentions ZERO about his mission in the episode nor why he was chosen for it, and so on...--Gvsualan 00:10, 19 Jan 2005 (CET)

Eh? All Mitchell did was direct Captain Janeway to junction room 16, to find Mortimer Harran. He played no further part in the episode. -- Michael Warren | Talk 00:14, Jan 19, 2005 (CET)
Ah. My mistake. For some reason I thought he was one of the crewmembers that took part in the mission that Harran was involved in. --Gvsualan 00:30, 19 Jan 2005 (CET)