I removed the following from the article because it was, at most, an observation more than established canon, as well as the simple fact that it was almost longer than the actual article. --Gvsualan 10:51, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)

The Miradorn are best described as being comprised of pairs of monozygotic twins (all Miradorn are identical twins) and their symbiosis appears to be both neurochemical and electrical. The following symbiotic requirements to be part of the psychological and sociological makeup of the Miradorn:
*A pheromone-like neurochemical interaction through skin neuronal receptors.
*Dissolved chemicals from Miradorn skin secretions produced by various skin glands.
*Electrical stimulation which bears some similarities to electrical charges produced by the electric eel.
The interaction is more than just communicative but in fact there is shared higher brain function among Miradorn (specifically in the areas of mood, memory, and emotional state) and separation or death of Miradorn twins has produced in all known cases severe psychological stress and in many cases psychotic behavior.

Ah-Kel and Ro-KelEdit

Shouldn't they have a single page, rather than two separate ones, because they are in fact two parts of a single being? See discussion about this point. zsingaya 16:59, 5 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Are all miradorn twinned?Edit

Where is the statement that all miradorn are born as twins from? I just watched "vortex", they said that twinned miradorn has a very strong link, that's all. --Rami 12:05, 15 February 2006 (UTC)

Not all but most... Edit

...all the references I've been able to find seem to indicate that 90% of Miradorn are identical twins. So there is that small percentage of "others" (no specification as to single births, multiples beyond 2, however).

90%? Edit

So far as I know, the only canonical reference to the Miradorn is in Vortex, and 90%, indeed no percentage, is given.

The fact that they refer to "twinned" Miradorn implies non-twinned members. That the question to Sisko specifically singled out twinned Miradorn, as opposed to asking merely "have you ever dealt with Miradorn?" implies to me (and perhaps only me) that non-twins are common enough to require such clarification.

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