I put that together quickly to cover up another user's mistake (in the Tan_Ru page). ¿Why should I assist anyone who insults me for doing so? There are no "sources cited" because there's no need for one on this subject. The article does need to be expanded, though. Andy REDDSON

¿Why the focus on only one small incident, when there are so many, many others? (I seem to recall there was an incident where the ENTERPRISE'S memory banks were eaten by a nano bot; I also remember Mr DATA had an 'issue' with his own memory banks on a couple of occasion.) Andy REDDSON

I think you're misunderstanding what happened here. When you created the article, it had no reference. As such, we (MA archivists) couldn't be sure when it was actually mentioned in canon. It wasn't intended to be an "insult", it's just a rule that all articles need some form of citation (being an encyclopedia and all). Also, it wasn't the intent to "focus" on one particular incident; rather it was to provide at least one episode citation, surely the first one Renegade54 thought of. Feel free to add any and all other references to memory banks; it makes the article more complete ;-)– Cleanse 10:07, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

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