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Replication of Medicine Bundles Edit

I think the quoted comment "He apparently had a spare medicine bundle..." should be removed. This appears to be a personal opinion and not a quote. Further, I don't think it's accurate.

It is logical to assume, since Chakotay was at his station aboard the Maquis ship until the very moment he was beamed to Voyager (VOY: "Caretaker"), that he did not bring his medicine bundle or any other personal effects with him onto Voyager, and in fact had to replicate the one that was lost on the shuttlecraft in (VOY: "Initiations").

I think that it would be worthwhile to add that in the 24th century a medicine bundle would sometimes need to be replicated, and that this replicated medicine bundle would function as a suitable replacement for a non-replicated medicine bundle. See the discussion page for (VOY: "Initiations") for a similar comment.

Objections, or should I just go ahead and make the edits?

Space Moose 18:12, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

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