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Particularly since this is a living person, can we really have uncited allegations that he sexually assaulted someone? That's a pretty serious charge to make without references. I'd have thought it was just straight up libel, actually. Shouldn't that passage simply be removed until or unless it can be corroborated?
czechout@fandom    <span style="">21:22: Thu 07 Jun 2012 

I'm not much of a TNG trivia person, but I think there are several recounts of that incident in various sources. I recommend you to ask Tom or Defiant. As much as I know, Hurley was a real pain in the ..., and everyone hated him, cast and crew alike, so it wasn't much surprise that he left after season 2. -- Ltarex, 0:22, 08 June 2012 (CET)
If/until some references are found, it should remain off the page, since as CzechOut states, it is a serious allegation to make against a living person. Furthermore, its been uncited for 2 1/2 years, which is just poor form for a MA article:
  • However, this account was later discounted by McFadden herself, as well as by Tracy Tormé, who revealed that Hurley had been sexually harassing McFadden. With Paramount and the show's producers unwilling to help her, McFadden quit, returning only when Hurley was eventually fired for not getting along with the cast and crew.
  • Tracy Tormé – who also clashed with Hurley many times, and left Star Trek because of that – later created a character in his series Sliders named "Michael Hurley", who was characteristically a jerk and referred to by characters as "a putz on every (parallel) world." Torme has claimed the character is based on Maurice Hurley.
Cleanse ( talk | contribs ) 23:36, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

May seem odd to some, but if an independent verifiable source can be found that cites this assertion, it can be included regardless of libel because Wikis use what is verifiable, rather than true, in writing up articles.