This article as well as other TOS reference sources state that Ens. Mallory's father helped Kirk get into the academy. However, there is some question about this when the relevant dialogue is examined.

The statement comes shortly after Mallory is killed by an exploding rock. Kirk, stooping over the body of Mallory, laments all the deaths that have occurred . . . "First Hendorf, then Kaplan . . . I knew Kaplan's family . . . and now Mallory." Spock says something to him, and Kirk, still distracted, says "His father helped me get into the Academy . . ." The problem is is that there may be some question as to which security guard Kirk is talking about when he makes this last statement. Since just a second before he had mentioned knowing Kaplan's family, there is a possibility (indeed a probability) that it was Kaplan's father he was talking about aiding him into the academy, and not Mallory's. Just a point for consideration. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Toddpence (talk • contribs).

Actually, it was McCoy who interrupted him, "Jim, you couldn't have stopped any of this," and as you said "Kirk, still distracted" was likely continuing where he left off when he was interrupted:
  • 1) "First Hendorf..."
  • 2) "...then Kaplan..."
    • 2a) "...I knew Kaplan's family..."
  • 3) "...and now Mallory..."
    • 3a) "His father helped me get into the Academy..."
For Kirk to go from Kaplan, to Mallory and then back to Kaplan seems pretty scatterbrained for the fearless leader to do. Just something else to consider. --Alan 00:26, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

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